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3 Must-Have Hair Styling-Produkte in Ihrer Handtasche

3 Must Have Hair Styling Products in Your Handbag

3 Must-Have Hair Styling-Produkte in Ihrer Handtasche

They say ‘a woman’s purse is a true reflection of her life’… and why not! Women’s purses are like mystery bags – one can find all essentials items in there, and then a few sundry ones too. Besides wallets, cell phone, credit cards and stationery, a woman on-the-go also keeps her beauty essentials handy in case the sudden need for a touch-up arises!

Everyone knows what cosmetics to carry in their vanity bags at all times, but few know which hair styling products to have on them at all times to face any situation without a hair out of place!

Here are Three Must-Have Hair Styling Products To Carry in Your Handbag

1/ Hair Spray

Hair spray is the solution to almost any and every kind of hair emergency. From wind messed hair to oily strands and from frizzy tresses to a flat fallen style – trust a good hair spray to pull you out of your ‘bad hair day’ misery and set your locks in perfect style.

Spritz a small amount to tame arrogant frizz; add instant volume by flipping your head downward and spraying a few pumps on the underside; or use it to prevent your hair from looking oily!

2/ Dry Shampoo

Don’t have time to wash your hair? Meeting friends after a rigorous workout at the gym? Just spray dry shampoo on your hair and head out with confidence!

Dry shampoo acts like magic, making your hair look less greasy and restoring the ‘oomph’ that it’s been missing. Its instant oil control property makes your scalp and hair look clean and fresh, and smell great. With most beauty experts recommending longer waiting period between wash days to get healthy hair, dry shampoo is indeed a great product to make hair look beautiful, even without an actual wash. As a matter of fact, it also makes a blow out last longer!

3/ Hair Brush

If you need a hairspray and a dry shampoo in your purse, you need the ultimate beauty product to make them both work – the hair brush.

Hair emergencies come unannounced; a strong breeze, an abrupt rain or simply wet hair that is drying all wrong post-shampoo – everything can be tamed with a hair brush!



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