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Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

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Senegalese twists, otherwise known as rope twists, are a protective style that is not only utilitarian, but it also serves as a striking addition to any hair styling routine. When hair needs a break or rest, especially from any harsh treatments/chemicals or heat damage, try twist styles for their versatility and elegance. Twists can be worn up or down, braided or knotted; for the office or kicking it, this style is a must-have in any lady’s hair gamut.

Senegalese Twist Hairstyles FAQ

How to do Senegalese twists? Styling can be done at home or in the salon. Natural hair is moisturized and pre-parted. Strands of Kanekalon hair or Marley hair are attached one by one to each section, as you are twisting.

What kind of hair is used? All styles use either Marley hair or Kanekalon hair. Both can be found at most beauty supply shops.

What kind of styles can you achieve once you’ve got the twists? There are many creative and inspiring styles, including updos, free-flowing twists and half up styles. Check out the ideas below.

#1: Twisted Half-Up Do

Showing off the face, this half-up do adds a distinctive flair. It is another effortless style made for a busy woman or a woman who wants low-maintenance but attractive hair.

#2: High Bun, Shaved Sides

Featuring medium Senegalese twists toned with golden splendor, this style beckons to be seen. A high top knot with designer shaved sides, this look is for a woman who wants to be edgy. See a few burgundy pieces placed randomly? You can sure add some spice to your base color.

#3: Mohawk Braid

Being initially a symbol of rebelliousness, Mohawk can now be considered a staple in the collection of African American female hairstyles. Shaved sides make the Mohawk even bolder and the twisted braid adds a whimsical element to the look. So, you get a style that’s both edgy and girly.

#4: Swept Up Twists

This beautiful style will keep your long locks back off your face, and it’s a lot more unique than other style options that achieve the same effect. To try it out, pull all of your hair over to one side, creating a swoop, and then clip it in the back.

#5: Thick Donut Bun

Here’s a simple and cute updo for a woman who would rather keep her twists out of her way, or for a woman who wants an easy style with panache. The thick bun can be worn on the crown of the head and is best for medium to large Senegalese twists.

#6: The Hi-Bun Bow

A high bun that loosely falls into a girly bow is a great compliment to the hair repertoire of any gal on the go. Perfect for medium to large twists, it’s for those who want to have an avant-garde hairstyle without all the fuss.

#7: Easy Side Part Twists Look

How should you style your hair? Throw it to one side and bring a long-hair-don’t-care attitude, duh! The deep side part will always go hand in hand with Senegalese twists. Consider this your new everyday look and experiment with other options for special events or nights out.

#8: Long Auburn Ropes

If you want to change your hair color, but are worried about the condition of your hair, colored twists can be a great solution for you. Choose shades which suit your skin tone and eye color.

#9: Big Twists with Highlights

Yes, girl! Thick rope twists are among the chicest things imaginable. These were done so perfectly — it’s amazing! For a unique take on large Senegalese twists, add in a few light highlights. For a color that’s flattering with black hair, try caramel or sand, instead of bright blonde.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @braidsbyguvia

#10: Senegalese Knot Updo

As for pictures of dressy styling options, this is one of the best we’ve ever seen! The unique sculptural updo will look amazing paired with an elegant dress (or even jeans and heels). Rope twists are unbeatable for creating big statement buns.

#11: Gorgeous Micro Twists

Hairstyles with micro braids can be absolutely fuss free. One of the best things to do with rope twists is to leave them down (especially after you’ve just gotten them so your scalp has time to adjust). If you want to try a new style right after they’ve been put in, opt for an easy low half up pony.

#12: Back Braided Bun

The extra-long twists accentuate the elegance of the bun. This time it’s a relaxed bun that is loosely braided or twisted around itself. This takes no time to create, and the results are quite impressive. Why not to use this style for a first date?

#13: Senegalese Twists Mohawk

If you want something that’s truly different, how about a mohawk with Senegalese twists? Clearly a YOLO moment right here! With this look, you can let all the hair fall to one side or pull it back into a bun. A high ponytail would be a great option too.

#14: High Half Ponytail Twists

These Senegalese braids look super cool. To mimic her style, ask your braider for large twists and opt for something with color too. You can create accent twists in any shade you want, but a cool-toned blonde is definitely a good option if you want to look modern and urban.

#15: Senegalese Sock Bun

Rope twists create the most beautiful buns easily. The hair is easy to mold, the styles stay put well, and the twists themselves create visual interest in the sock bun. For a loose look like this one, don’t put your hair in a ponytail before twisting a bun. Instead, do it all in one step using one ponytail holder.

#16: Honey Brown Twists

Small to medium sized twists are a great option for a subtler style. If you want to try a new color but don’t want anything that looks too crazy, a warm, soft brown like this one is worth considering. The color has reddish undertone and will brighten up your look while still appearing natural.

#17: Pretty Senegalese Pony

Nothing makes a prettier ponytail than rope twists. Fullness is an enviable factor for just about any style — but no more so than for a ponytail. For a flattering height, put your pony tail high on the back of your head. Keeping the ends of the hair unbraided makes for a softer (and less straggly) look.

#18: Curled Senegalese Twists

Lucky girl! These kinky rope twists are the most beautiful we’ve ever seen. The benefit of going for small twists is you don’t get long string pieces at the end. Instead, the top and bottom thicknesses are more uniform. To try the cute back headband, simply pick a few twists at the temples and tie them together.

#19: Side Swept Senegalese Look

Here’s a regal styling option that will keep your hair out of your face in a way that’s far more special than a pony tail. To try it, part your hair down the middle. Take hair from one side and cross it over and back. Then grab the other section and cross it over again. The weight of long twists keeps everything in place.

#20: Senegalese Twists Formal Updo

A medium Senegalese twist is the easiest for creating updos. Small twists can be slippery without much hold, while large ones are very difficult to manipulate into intricate styles. So, if you have an event coming up, you might want to opt for a medium width rope twist.

#21: Bold Bright Braids

One of the best things about protective hairstyles is that you can switch up your color with no damage to your natural locks! Red shades are particularly flattering on darker skin tones, and you are only committed to the chosen color for as long as your strands are installed.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @the_braid_lounge

#22: Two Tone Twists with Top Knot

Top knots are still one of our favorite styles, and these Senegalese twists with a perfect half up bun is no exception. When you use highlights to break your long dark twists, the final look definitely gains style points regardless of how you style your extensions.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @shaylastyles_

#23: Jumbo Senegalese with Side Parting

If you’re eager to try twists that are not just average, start with a jumbo Senegalese. Massive spirals take less time to do and give you the chance to try hair colors that would normally be difficult to upkeep. Once your hair has settled, play about with the parting to find your perfect look. A nice idea is to coordinate your side part with the outer corner of your eye if you like to wear eyeliner and want to accentuate your cheekbones.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @dayelasoul

#24: Micro Braids with Undone Ends

It may take a long time to do, but you’ll be so glad you’ve waited when your micro braids are complete. Parted into extra small sections, you’ll need to have plenty of patience as each tiny braid will have to be painstakingly installed. A price worth paying if you want a flattering, feminine and manageable hairstyle.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @romehair

#25: Practical Coils with Curled Ends

You won’t realize how versatile Senegalese twists are until you try them. Pull the top section up into a half ponytail for a quick everyday hairdo — or to show off a killer pair of earrings!

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @grip_and_twist

#26: Trendy Short Senegalese

Short hair is having a moment, so it’s no surprise we’ve seen ultra-cool short Senegalese styles popping up everywhere. Clean and precise, bob-length cuts with blunt edges are so on-trend and can be glammed up with metal cuffs.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @saythelees

#27: Medium Senegalese Twists with Cuffs

Sleek and timeless, there’s a reason so many return to the medium senegalese twist. Straighter hair such as Kanekalon will help achieve a super smooth, professional finish if you want to enjoy that ‘just-outta-the-salon’ feel every day.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @alexianna_styles

#28: Long Curly Hairstyle

Bored with your straight Senegalese twist style? Upgrade it with curls! Flexi rods are great for creating waves with no damage to your extensions. Simply wrap your twists around the rods, tie a silk scarf around your head for protection and get a good night’s rest. In the morning, remove the rods to reveal beautiful bouncy curls!

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @hair_be_poppin

#29: Stylish Senegalese Updo

Can we take a minute to appreciate this amazing updo? Elegant yet avant garde, we love the massive bun that sits high on the head. It’s easy to achieve by pulling your twists up, twisting and securing with large bobby pins. Simple yet gorgeous!

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @tupo1

#30: Smooth Braids with Side Parting

Did you know that once installed, rope braids can last up to 8 weeks? Keep it looking on-point for the duration by regularly spraying the lengths with an oil-based moisturizer. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is particularly effective at keeping your scalp nourished.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @vanaturalhair

#31: Half Up Half Down Braids

If your mane needs a little rest and recovery, medium length Senegalese twists are ideal for growing out and protecting afro-textured hair. Far from restrictive, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to styling too. Whether pulled up into top knots, pony tails, twisted or braided — you’ll never get bored.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @grip_and_twist

#32: Bright Two-Tone Rope Braids

Two tone tresses? Yes please! A waist-length blonde hairdo is simply stunning with bright blue shades adding a burst of personality. It’s great for ladies who want to enjoy extra-long locks without a high-maintenance morning routine. Say goodbye to brushing and blow-drying!

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @darlingsalon

#33: Half Ponytail with Beads

Work it girl! A super high half-up half-down ‘do makes longer hair way more manageable. Disguise the hairband by wrapping a few rope strands around the base of your pony, and don’t be afraid to add tiny beads or cuffs for a little sparkle!

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @hair_be_poppin

#34: Low Slung Half Up Style

This low-maintenance Senegalese twist hairstyle is oh-so covetable. Twists that are thick at the roots and get thinner towards the ends are more interesting – they look awesome if you pull your hair up into updos that show off varied thickness of the twists. For every day try a low-key half ponytail. Perfect for work and play.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @shaylastyles_

#35: Bun with Undercut

Bold, brave and edgy, why not take the plunge and go for an undercut? If you prefer to play safe, try a nape undercut. It can be easily hidden beneath long tresses or shown off in all its glory when hair is worn up. The all-around undercut is for confident ladies. Ask your hairdresser to shave in a custom design that’s totally unique and works in tune with your facial features.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @starlinerz

#36: Extra Long Senegalese with Side Parting

If you’ve got a lot going on right now, it’s unlikely that your hair routine is on the top of your to-do list. The beauty of a protective hairstyle is that you’ll still enjoy long, swish-worthy tresses, while your natural locks are protected from the strain of everyday styling.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @twistbycass

#37: Large Rope Braids with Head Scarf

There’s nothing like a good accessory to fancy up your Senegalese twist style. Head scarves and silk wraps are very flattering to African American ladies. Try tying yours into a funky knot for added style points.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @kersti.pitre

#38: Big Senegalese with Accent Color

A big Senegalese with blue accents is perfect for the woman who’s not afraid to be noticed. If you’re eager to try something a little different, blue hues complement black hair quite nicely and are ultra flattering when placed along the parting.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @_beauty_maker

#39: Crochet Senegalese Twists with Bun

If you don’t have much time to install braids, the crochet hairstyles might just be perfect for you! Pre-twisted extensions are threaded through corn rows to achieve a full, thick look. You could even add contrasting streaks of color. Clever and quick!

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @kiairastyles

#40: Colorful Ombre Plaits

Check this super-cool ombre Senegalese twist. Consider it if you want customized twists. Keep hair tones natural at the root and ask your stylist to weave in a bold shade towards the ends. It’s a perfect way to add a discreet yet noticeable detail to your look.

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @afrikhana_shop

#41: Plaited Half Up Style

One of the easiest ways to keep your twists off the face is to make an updo out of them. If your twists are colorful, you have to try this style, `cause in such plaiting colors look like a real masterpiece.

#42: Intricate Pony

To create a simple and interesting hairstyle out of your twists you don`t necessarily need to go to the salon. Put together twists from the left and right sides of your head and make the easiest half updo. Then, tie all the rest twists into a voluminous ponytail. The advantage of having twists is that you don`t even need any hair elastics. You may simply tie your twists. Cool!

#43: Senegalese High Pony

The Senegalese twist is a must try look for black hair. It’s a style that has that extra bit of personality when compared to the box braid. Colored twists are pretty much always a good idea, so if you’re considering a burgundy or red tone, know that the color does go very well with twists and most dark skin tones. The shaved designs in the back are a real stand out!

Senegalese Twists – 60 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Instagram / @braidsbyguvia

#44: Blonde Half Up Twists

Medium sized Senegalese twists give you the best of both worlds: they’re faster to put in than small twists but easier on your natural hair than the larger ones. Putting your hair half up is a really easy way to style the twists that you can dress up or dress down.

#45: Tied Twist Updo

Senegalese twists are a great base for a variety of updos. If you have an event coming up and want to try something elegant, ask your stylist or braider for a tied updo like this one. To try it yourself, start with a ponytail, then tie a knot, hiding the ends inside.

#46: Senegalese Twists with Crown

Of the many different styles for Senegalese twists, the crown is definitely one you should master. Once you get it down, you’ll find yourself turning to it again and again — even as an everyday look. Start on one side of the head and twist hair back and under, gradually pulling in new pieces, and then tie together with the other side.

#47: Twists with Brown Accents

Senegalese twist hairstyles are good protective styles. While you let your natural hair grow, the twists will add a lot of personality to your everyday look. The streaks in this version are of a warm brown hue — a great option for anyone who wants to try a few accent pieces but isn’t into blonde.

#48: Senegalese Half up Top Knot

Who doesn’t love a top knot? Half up top knots are really in style right now because they remind us our favorite 90s pop stars. Rope twists create the best buns because there’s so much hair to work with. This just might be your new favorite look.

#49: Senegalese Twists with Shaved Sides

Whatever your style is, you have to be true to it. If you aren’t afraid to stand out, then go for it. This style features shaved sides and a mixture of black and caramel-toned senegal twist braids. Overlaying one color on top of the other gives it even more of a rocker edge.

#50: Blue Braids for Days

With an asymmetrical top knot and two simple braids, this dramatic indigo blue style will demand attention. For a woman who isn’t afraid to be a little bold, it’s exactly what’s needed. To achieve this texture, opt for thin twists with Kanekalon hair.

#51: Chunky Purple Rain Twists

This half-up, half-down style with by a back flip-knot and some gorgeous electric purple twists, is a quick, easy style for those with little time on their hands. The thick twists taper towards the bottom, adding body to the top and sides of the head and offering more manageable ends.

#52: Thin Highlighted Twists

For a Senegalese twist hairstyle that won’t weight a girl down, choose small rope twists with an added color throughout for a dramatic effect. How to style? Pull the braids back into a low bun for a more serious look, or wear them freely hanging to let them shine and dance around your shoulders.

#53: Jet Black Ropes with Kinky Ends

To liven up the dozens of your raven black twists and make them not so strict-looking, add several golden ropes, and curl all the mass of your tresses on the flexi rods. With such texture your hair will look luxuriously both in a downdo and in a ponytail.

#54: Easy Pull Back

The classic Senegalese twist in a simple, pulled-back carefree style is appropriate for low-stress chic that requires little to no effort. Use medium size twists for a manageable half-ponytail or make a full pony.

#55: Double Knot

It’s a double knot or double bun, piled delicately atop the cascading down rope twists. Just as easy as a single bun, it’s twice impressive and less hackneyed. It’s reminiscent of a Mohawk and could be the one if the knots trailed down to the nape of the neck.

#56: The Sleek Pony

When you want a no-stress style that can be done in seconds, opt for a sleek pony. How to style? Use colored hairbands or personalized accents to customize this classic look.

#57: Sexy Red Slick-Back

Take a risk and go for red. A head-full of colored Senegalese twists can be stunning, but for a modern twist, try a colored section in the centre. Red is passion and drama, so be audacious and let the world know. Be different, any color would be equally as attractive.

#58: Low Half Updo

Like other half-up, half-down styles, this one plays with loosely tied Senegalese twists. Style like a simple flip-in ponytail, but use only a half of your twists. This style works for a family event or a casual dinner with friends.

#59: Croshet Ombre Twists

One more way to make your hairstyle unique is to add ombre-ed tresses. Rich and contrast colors, soft and smooth color change – you choose! Anyway, such update will make your Senegalese twists look more interesting and stylish. Just try!

#60: Goldie Locks Rocks

If only Goldie Locks could’ve had such a stunning Senegalese twist style. A coil of glimmering gold gives this look a magical feel that would be perfect for any event that requires an attention-calling coiffure. Best for small to medium twists.

Senegalese twist styles give a woman distinctiveness while at the same time protecting her natural hair. It’s truly the perfect twist for a modern woman. Try any of these Senegalese twist hairstyles today!

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